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Welcome to Arthur’s Kitchen School

In the world of kitchen design, Arthur is a true kitchenologist. Growing up, Arthur got first hand experience at designing and building cabinets working at his father’s kitchen showroom, Zobel Kitchens. As he continued in the kitchen design business, Arthur realized that the more his customers knew about the various details of cabinetry, the pros and cons of the many features and counter surface options, layout choices, and more, the better the experience was for his clients. The end result is a custom kitchen that the homeowner truly enjoys.

Arthur shares his kitchen expertise in a series of short videos. We’ve created the library below for you to browse and watch at your convenience.


Welcome to Arthur’s Kitchen School

Cabinet Construction

Framed and frameless cabinets

Cabinets are constructed in two ways. In this video, Kitchenologist Arthur explains the difference in cabinet construction and why you might want one style over the other. Watch now

Partial or full overlay vs flush inset framed cabinets

If a framed cabinet is the type of cabinet construction you want, you have two options for door fronts. Kitchenologist Arthur explains the difference and benefits of both in this video. Watch now.

Beaded inset vs flush inset doors

If an inset door is your preference, you have two options for the appearance of your cabinet doors. In this video, Kitchenologist Arthur explains the demonstrates the difference between beaded inset and flush inset doors. Watch now.


In this video, Kitchenologist Arthur explains what thermofoil construction is and what the benefits are of using this material. Watch now.

Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF)

Kitchenologist Arthur Zobel explains what medium-density fiberboard, or MDF, construction is and the benefits of selecting this material for your cabinets. Watch now.




Learn what cabinet you would want to have an exposed hinge and why. Watch now.

Concealed, framed cabinet

Shows us the features of a concealed hinge on a framed cabinet. Watch now.

Concealed, flush inset cabinet

Arthur explains what a concealed hinge is and what type of cabinet it can be used with. Watch now.


Arthur shows us how the characteristics of a European hinge. Watch now.

Cabinet Finishes

Stains, Paints, and Glazes

There are a number of finish options for your cabinet doors and drawers. Kitchenologist Arthur explains the options and the benefits of each in this video. Watch now.

Cabinet Functionality

Soft Close Drawers

You’ve probably heard the term “soft close”. In this video Arthur explains what that means other than the obvious way the drawer closes. Watch now.

Auto Open Cabinet Doors

The Kitchenologist shows us a nice, convenient door mechanism that gets lots of attention. Watch now.

Corner cabinet solutions

Swing out Shelves

Arthur shares a wonderful cabinet solution for making the most out of a corner cabinet. Watch now.

Not-so-lazy Susan

This corner cabinet solution is one of Arthur’s favorite. See why when you watch now.

Lazy Susan

See what’s new in the traditional Lazy Susan solution for a corner cabinet. Watch now.

Diagonal Sink Base

Diagonal sink bases are a common solution to maximizing a corner. Watch now.

Cabinet Lighting


No more deep dark spaces in your cabinets. Here’s a look at how cabinet lighting can brighten your day. Watch now.


Arthur shares how under cabinet lighting can make a difference. Watch now.

Combo options

Look at the many ways you can add lighting to one area that brightens a space as well as creates a mood. Watch now.


Arthur tells us how accent light can add character and functionality to an area. Watch now.

Toe Kick

Brighten the recesses under cabinets to adds a little pop to your kitchen. Watch now.

Various under cabinet lighting

Various types of lighting beneath cabinets and shelves are reviewed in this short clip with Arthur. Watch now.

Counter Tops

Granite & Stone

Arthur starts our counter top series with granite. Watch now.

Stainless Steel

This great material for industrial and contemporary kitchens. Take a look, watch now.


Arthur takes a look a classic material: wood. Watch now.


Learn about the this man-made, popular material. Watch now.